March 28, 2012

Eliminating carbohydrates in the diet leads to depression


Women who diet on carbs can end up eating more quantities than normally as soon as they no longer keep a restricted diet. In addition, during the regime they often get depressed.

These are the results of a study conducted by University of Toronto on 77 women. For three days they were divided into three groups: those that had restrictions on carbohydrates, those that had restrictions on proteins, and those without any restrictions. Then they were given foods they were craving for, mainly carbohydrates – croissants, chicken and cheddar cheese.

Women who restrained from eating carbohydrates ate more than croissants than the ones in the other groups, while women who abstained from protein did not eat more protein.

Jennifer S. Coelho, coordinator of the study, said preliminary results show that diet works better if you eat less food from the category you want to avoid, than if you eliminate it from the diet.