May 5, 2011

Elie Saab tailors the Hollywood elegance for Paris

If Paris was more radiant on Fashion Week’s last day, that was thanks to Elie Saab’s sequin adorned gowns. In blood red, royal purple, café beige or pale grey, the audience was astonished by an avalanche of sequins and beads fully covering the fabrics.

Slim fit jackets and cone-shaped skirts or perfectly draped cocktail dresses created diversity in a sea of glad rags. Fluid or waist structured in bulky folds, Saab’s dresses stood out due to their impeccable cut and sophistication that we can also admire at Armani. No doubt, top-notch celebs must have put down a few looks to order for the next grand event. Special guests from the Lebanese beau monde shared with me, from their first row seats, their pride in having talented Mr. Saab as their compatriot.

The Lebanese designer magnified his prestige, betting on unpretentious accessories: narrow belts, efficiently partitioned bags or ankle double strap stiletto platforms. Ingrid Chua Go, owner of the website:, talked me into believing that I had spent a magical night. The critical eye of the accessory specialist blogger, highly thought of in Asia owing to her views, was won over by the gentle delicacy of the accessories.

Being considered a high reputable designer in the mysterious world of fashion since the beginning of his worthy career, the Lebanese Saab was the first non-Italian designer to join Camera Nazionale della Moda as member in 1997 and later on, in 2003, to affiliate with Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Ever since, year in, year out, he never stops catching the eye and, needless to say, our admiration, in exceptional shows.

Elegance has been Saab’s stake and a glaring success for well over a decade now. And it has definitely paid off. The other days, I have asked, for a friend of mine, for the price of (mind you!) not haute couture, but a prêt-a-porter gown. The answer simply deflated my aspirations like a balloon running out of air up in the sky. If the prices paid for brands such as Chanel, YSL and others might seem prohibitive to nearly everybody, well, the figures practiced by the Lebanese designer are disheartening next to vexation because, as far as he is concerned, the saying “the sky is the limit” applies to him, whether we like it or not.

There’s no wonder, then, that his faithful clientele counts Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Hurley, Halle Berry, Marion Cotillard, Queen Rania of Jordan, Teri Hatcher, Angelina Jolie and many other stars who choose to wear his dresses on the red carpet of the Oscar Awards or for some other grandiose ceremonies.

After attending several presentations signed by Elie Saab in Paris, I’ve grown more and more confident that, if there were for a designer to ever get an Oscar for the most elegant dresses, then, Elie Saab would definitely be the man.

Photo credit: Vogue. it &