February 25, 2011

Elie Saab Couture 2011 – backstage photos


Sophia Banoori, Godfrey Deeny, Elie Saab, Janina Nectara

Photos from the backstage of Elie Saab’s couture fashion show – Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Elie Saab accepted to take a picture with my colleague Sophia, Godfrey Deeny and me, immediately after his show.

And because it was a total madness – an army of photographers willing to take their best shot – we couldn’t pay attention to just one, not even the one holding my camera. Reason for which, our picture came out like this: everybody’s looking in a different direction, as if we have a collective strabismus.

Quick capture of me while we were waiting to meet Elie Saab. Wearing my Black Swan jacket 🙂


British elegance a la Godfrey Deeny. The best (and very rare) example of how classy a men can be with a long coat and a black umbrella.  


Elissa Khoury  – Lebanese singer who won several times the World Music Award for best selling albums in Middle East. She is known as Beirut’s Madonna.


Australian Fashion TV looks forward to hearing Godfrey Deeny’s opinion about the show.