February 22, 2014

Elegance and the vibes of unexpected accessories. Jil Sander FW14

Shape and colour minimalism is making a distinct mark as the 2014/2015 cold season’s overriding trend. And Jil Sander brought some of the most convincing arguments in favour of simplicity balanced by rich fabrics and dense embroideries.

Why is grey an infinity, how is it that pale pink and sky blue can be the sharpest colours of a look, when does black wool become your material of choice… These are all questions answered by the classic-chic Jil Sander jackets, combos and dresses, while the full stop came from what will, without a doubt, be fall’s favourite yellow shoes.

Jil Sander fall winter 2014 2015 #MFW MFW #FW14

Watch the full Milan runway show or discover the very same Jil Sander’s exuberant spring…


Jil Sander Luisa Via Roma

Jil Sander top, EUR 1 620 at Luisa Via Roma

Jil Sander Luisa Via Roma

Jil Sander clutch, EUR 790 at Luisa Via Roma


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Photos: Jil Sander, goldgarage.it, Luisa Via Roma