August 3, 2015

Eco friendly fashion – when shoes bloom

Biodegradable fashion is the solution, be it that we’ve set our mind on cleaning up the wardrobe, or maybe wishing to plant a tree. And OAT Shoes is the most coherent answer to both wishes, but also the most consistent form of sustainable fashion developed so far.

OAT Shoes

Sport shoes are the main responsible style option, and OAT promise that, even if they won’t melt if we walk in the rain, their snickers are biodegradable within a few months of disposal. More than that, the OAT shoes do not just leave a friendly imprint, both literally and metaphorically, but they also take on step further. Seeds inserted into the tongue of the shoe make so that, once responsibly abandoned for their ’’reinsertion into nature’’ according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, they end up blooming into a tree. Ingenious and innovative, the essential qualities of any revolutionary idea.

OAT Shoes

Matilda Wendelboe and Linda Loudermilk are two designers dedicated to sustainable fashion, while Stella McCartney and Gucci have had their own incursions onto the territory of eco friendly fashion.


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Photo source: Oat Shoes