April 12, 2013

Eco-Friendly Fashion: Go Green With Clothes And Accessories Featuring Solar Panels

In an era in which ”going green” has become a lifestyle for an impressive number of people, fashion isn’t falling behind on the trend. More and more fashion companies are launching eco-friendly initiatives – using faux fur and synthetic leathers, avoiding using chemical dyes for clothes and using natural fabrics – but a certain niche has distinguished itself by combining the ”green” initiative with modern technology in order to create results that are as stylish as they are Earth-friendly.

Solar panels are no longer news in what energy-saving is concerned, but using them within fashion, however, is.

The 100 mini solar panel bag, introduced by Danish design company Diffus, is able to create enough energy to charge a phone, and opening it activates a set of optical fibers that make finding your keys in the dark no longer a nightmare.


For women who prefer exploring nature instead of the big city, a purse is of no use, but the Ralph Lauren RLX backpack, fashioned out of waterproof fabric and featuring a solar panel able to generate up to 3.45 watts of current, provides an equally stylish alternative.


To complete the sporty look and make you ready for any outdoor adventure, Italian luxury label Zegna proposes the Ecotech Solar Jacket, designer Willy Bogner introduces the ski suit with solar-powered LED lights, while the Lapidus brand features a super-cozy and equally chic Solar Parka.


Are you more of a beach person, than a mountain trip one? Then how about a bikini capable of producing enough energy so that an iPod with a dead battery is no longer ever a problem? Lingerie label Triumph has already launched a one-piece swimsuit featuring mini solar panel appliqués, while Andrew Schneider proposes a sensual two-piece bikini featuring the same technology.


A series of dresses, such as the ”Day For Night” design by Studio 5050, with its Sixties Mod allure, or the super cute dress developed by researchers from Gifu University in Japan, led by Prof. Tsukasa Yoshida, which marks the first ever initiative of applying coloured solar panels onto textile, make a super chic eco statement.

Utah-based company Exotic Solar is taking things a step further, by developing the PowerCloth 1G, an innovative fabric infused with solar cells, which eliminates the need of rigid solar panel appliqués, providing a flexible alternative.

Being eco-chic has never been easier!

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Photos courtesy of: ecouterre.com, uncrate.com, gizmag.com, violetchicdreams.blogspot.com