February 26, 2014

Dsquared2 FW 2014/2015: fashion, the universal healer

Have you seen Blue Jasmine? Well, Woody Allen’s movie and glamorous main character interpreted by Cate Blanchett could very well be seen as the cinematographic frontrunners to the fusion of drama and opulence explained in terms of fashion by Dsquared2’s Milan show.

Dsquared2 fall winter 2014 2015 #MFW MFW #FW14 #perturbedwonderful #dsquared2

Might fashion be such a strong landmark that its glam be able to go beyond any kind of turmoil or problem, a true lighthouse during the storm? The creative duo behind Dsquared2 surely seem to have this conviction. As the Perturbed Wonderful runway show got out on the catwalk a string of ravishingly dressed beautiful women. Ravishingly magnificent – blinding mauve silk evening gowns, high gloves and stiletto heels – and of a ravishing inspiration! From the cocktail earrings to the cuff-like bracelets and sandals complemented by genuine ’’strait dresses’’ of the elegantly-sensual wardens, the key word of a perfectly balanced collection is dizzying.

Dsquared2 fall winter 2014 2015 #MFW MFW #FW14 #perturbedwonderful #dsquared2

Dsquared2 Luisa Via Roma

Opulence, this time truly exuberant, in the Dsquared2 spring-summer 2014 collection – bustier, EUR 1 270 at Luisa Via Roma

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Photos: Dsquared2, Luisa Via Roma