May 8, 2013

The $49,000 Dress By Dolce & Gabbana, Available Through Net-A-Porter


The Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2013 collection, showcased in February during Milano Fashion Week, was definitely amongst out very favourites. Byzantine mosaics transposed unmatched craftsmanship onto figure-hugging dresses, double peplum jackets, creating the much-coveted hourglass shape, skirts minutely studded with shiny pailletes and sparkling beads, tops with complex embroidery and, above all, evening dresses fashioned out of delicate silk, encrusted with thousands of crystals, dripping with glamour and femininity.

In spite of the haunting beauty of the F/W line-up imagined by Domenico & Stefano, just like any other catwalk collection, this one will make no exception when it comes to the fact that not all of it will be ending up on store shelves for us to purchase, fashion buyers being the ones who decide which items we’ll be able to enjoy and which not, while a series of particular looks will be available only in limited numbers.

One of the highlighted looks of the show – a gorgeous dress in the most fiery shade of red, encrusted with sparkling crystals – will become available through Net-A-Porter, once the fall season hits.


Given the extremely limited quantitiy in which this dress has been produced, along with the fact that Net-A-Porter has reportedly purchased half the worldwide stock (more precisely, six pieces), the price tag fully reflects the exclusive nature of the Dolce & Gabbana creation – $49,000 is the amount of money that a lucky fashionista will have to shell out in order to enrich her closet with what will definitely become its pièce de résistance – the drop-dead gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana dress, dripping with glamour.

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