July 24, 2013

Don’t Let It Rain On Your Parade! Marc Jacobs Brightens Your Rainy Days!


Last night, I wanted to get a breath of fresh air, so I decided to go for a walk in one of my favourite parks in Bucharest, but, out of nowhere, it started raining. And when I say ”out of nowhere”, I mean it, because just a few minutes before the first drops started pouring down, I had just looked up to see a clear sky and even a few stars, their reflection mirrored romantically in the nearby lake.

While I was trying to salvage my new long skirt and my beige sandals from the horrors of the ever-growing puddles that kept appearing everywhere, the rain got even stronger. Needless to say, when I got to my car, my skirt was ruined, my sandals weren’t beige anymore and I could only think about the fact that I should start taking my mother’s advice, which is to always be prepared in case it starts to rain.

 mj umbrellas

Since I don’t currently own an umbrella (to my mother’s dismay), I decided to remedy this as soon as I got home. I didn’t however have to browse the Internet as I had planned, because an update from the Marc Jacobs website was coincidentally waiting for me in my inbox, tempting me with the new umbrella styles from the Resort 2013 accessories collection. The floral print ones stole my heart right away!

 marc jacobs umbrellas

Floral Umbrellas – 18

The sudden rain of last night reminded me of a scene which happened not so long ago. A few weeks back, Bucharest was struck by a couple of days of constant downpour, during which I can distinctly remember putting on a rather funny show for the audience, as I struggled to avoid stepping in puddles, all the while being in a hurry, while a girl nonchalantly passed me, stepping graciously through the water, in a pair of rubber boots. Remembering this, I just knew that I had to look for some rain boots as well.

marc jacobs rain boots

Rubber Boots With Colour Blocked Band – 30

The colour blocked rubber boots from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 collection are tremendously cute, don’t you agree? (Did you notice that they colour-coordinate with the umbrellas? I’ve fallen in love with the pink flower umbrella/grey boots with pink band mix).


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Photos courtesy of: marcjacobs.com, instagram.com/marcjacobsintl