November 19, 2013

Don’t know what to wear? Choose Chanel! Don’t know what diet to adopt? Choose Lagerfeld!

Miranda Kerr models eating diet

If there’s a no 1 lifestyle concern truly knowing no frontiers, then it has to be dieting and keeping up a figure first and foremost slim, secondly appealing, thirdly seductive and, fourthly, healthy!

As difficult it is to say, multiply it by a million and you get how hard it is to do. And what is it that we keep going back to for inspiration and, most of all, motivation? The realm of fashion, of course. It is just what we also intend on doing today, and more still, on a decisively upbeat note!

The first optimistic observation is that models, yes!, they do eat! There is photographic proof, both on camera – editorials and off – pre-editorial, as well as pre-show feasting. There also are declarations as brave as they are funny, like the list of model Anastasia Ivanova, who had ’’scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, some water, and I just had a bacon cheeseburger—I love bacon! Oh, and I might have a frozen fruit pop, but don’t write that unless I actually eat it.’’ Nutritionally ok, story-wise amusing and, as clues and tips source, priceless!

Clue for what? For how all of the models about whose diets I’ve learnt about state water as the prime priority (necessary pleonasm) of their food regimens. No comments, just taking note and moving on. Salmon and juices – beet, watermelon or coconut – as well as protein bars are also everywhere you can find models and supermodels. Now, talking about supermodels… But what is it that Naomi eats? ’’I never diet. I smoke. I drink now and then. I never work out.’’ Disconcerting. For the answer we’d expect from a supermodel, we have to go to Linda Evangelista: green tea, fresh herbs, leafy greens (yes, they’re all their own category) and protein that ’’swims or flies’’ – salmon, tuna, chicken and turkey.

Moving along – if we thought designers dictate and never diet, we do have to think again! Valentino Garavani has taken on, by far, the most restrictive dietary regimen in the industry: no sugar, no milk, from among dairy only goat cheese, no gluten pasta, bio rice, no meat, some fish, vegetables, no potatoes, no bread except for rice crackers, a glass of red wine, sugar free sorbet… but I’m really growing tired and we’d better leave it here – we get the tight diet idea – and cross over from Valentino’s sorbet to the diet mindful yet sweets sinner Tom Ford. Then, together, come Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani healthy eaters and typically Italian food faithful and, the always singular, Karl Lagerfeld, co-author of a specialised bestseller (with almost a quarter of a million copies sold!).

It actually comes as no wonder to anybody, not to those who know the German designer lost 42 kilos, not to those familiar with his multifaceted personality. ’’Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!’’ A typical Karlism and a clue into the Lagerfeld Diet’s philosophy: French low-carb low-fat low-calorie (triple low) recipes, not too much sport, as there is the risk it might trigger hunger and, if it still does happen, ’’a little homeopathic granule if you are very hungry’’ is recommended. So, an elegant, refined, powdered up, truly designer diet.

To sum it up? If the fashion industry isn’t for everybody, then food most certainly is. And as far as diets go, just like high fashion creations, no matter how intimidating, there’s always one for you, and, of course, Karl Lagerfeld is the invariably highest order on the matter!

So, let’s eat, not necessarily like the models, and let’s read Lagerfeld!

models eating diet

Fast food, even if glossy, is recommended for no one and the weak spot of everybody…

models eating diet

We are beautiful (even if/when we eat)!

Gisele Bundchen models eating diet

Gisele, pre-show make up session and pizza.

Candice Swanepoel models eating diet

Candice Swanepoel is (absolutely) not allergic to peanut butter!

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet book

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