July 11, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda – A Spectacular Venetian Ball


Each haute couture season deserves a grand finale to match its grandeur – we’re talking, after all, about a week of shows, one more spectacular than the other, during which the most prestigious fashion houses in the world put forward their amazing craftsmanship, rehearsed throughout entire decades.

It has been three season now since Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have taken into their own hands the mission of culminating Couture Fashion Week in the most explosive and memorable manner possible, with the ultimate extravagance, set not in Paris, but within their native Italian lands.


The Alta Moda Fall 2013 collection reflected the Dolce & Gabbana alteliers’ amazing craftsmanship so well, as well as the house’s tradition of creating clothes of inimitable beauty and elegance, that the outfits presented on the runway set up within the Palazzo Barbaro in Venice, could not be matched in splendor and opulence not even by the stunning frescoes adorning the castle walls.

And when I say opulence, there’s no exaggeration going on – the romantic capes in somptuous velvet, worn with evening gowns, were embroided with real gold thread or embellished with hand-sewn natural pearls, while diamonds and sapphires encased in jewelry sent out sparkles that lit up the entire room, and Venetian masks that accompanied almost each look down the runway, mirroring the show’s Venetian Ball theme, were adorned with a cascade of glimmering crystals.


The outfits fashioned out of lace that had been cut up and then re-sewn to create frothy skirts, the hand-painted silk dresses worn over tulle petticoats, creating royal silhouettes, as well as the satin dresses encrusted with thousands and thousands of shiny crystals to create intricate embroidery, stole the audience’s breaths, as well as their hearts.


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Photos courtesy of: fashion.telegraph.co.uk