January 4, 2013

Does it take a genius to buy Marni or is he who buys Marni a genius?

Diesel campaign

Renzo Rossi, the entrepreneurial genius from Only the Brave has just expanded his masterfully built portfolio with a comfortable share of Marni stakes. The value of the move is yet undisclosed, but as far as the now shared destines of the Italian’s holding and that of the quirky fashion house there is no other option but success. Vogue reports that Marni CEO Gianni Castigioni is content with the deal and that, together with the creative team of the house it represents, shows a confident enthusiasm for the artistic course Marni is to have under Rossi’s tutelage.

And both numbers and history seem to be proving them right. Fashion businessman Renzo Rossi has founded luxury prêt-a-porter brand Diesel back in 1978. Today, for himself and Creative Director Wilbert Das work not fewer than 6 000 employees across Europe, the Americas and Asia, while their fresh clothing and accessories are available throughout 5 000 retailers, 400 among which under Diesel’s own trademark.

Diesel logo

Rossi, the mastermind behind Only the Brave, has carefully crafted not only the strategic concepts behind the growth of his labels and group brands, but also unrelentlessly built the financial power to allow him to carry out his strategy/fulfil his dreams.

Diesel is now a jeans empire, fashions eyewear together with Marcolin , jewellery and watches together with Fossil and fragrances with L’Oreal. And not only that. Bikes, Fiats and Ducati Diesels have also been easy to imagine and conceptualize for Rossi. So has the marketing of Diesel in video games.

In 2002 Only the Brave has bought a significant stake in Maison Martin Margiela, and in 2008 at Viktor & Rolf. In 2011, it totalled EUR 1.3 billion in revenue.

He claims to have learnt, through his career, how to market from the Americans, creativity from the Italians and system management from the Germans. We can only take the word of the recent Forbes billionaire. And maybe share his and Marni’s enthusiasm for fashion brilliance to come.

Diesel jeans campaign


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