November 13, 2013

Does it hide or reveal? The cape, a new accent of femininity

Lucy Liu Blumarine Prince of Wales cape

I’d give anything for a cape! My kingdom and any preconceived idea about femininity for a cape!

As triumphant, seductive, confident or introvert are all attitudes achievable through a simple sweep of the Blumarine Prince of Wales cape. The Italian house’s collection plays with masculine references, with dualities of androgynous shapes and hidden sensuality, with cold colours, patterns and incandescent emotions starting with feminine tuxes and culminating with a cape as complex as a woman.

And what a woman! Lucy Liu, Andreea Diaconu, Eva Herzigova, you, me…

Andreea Diaconu Blumarine Prince of Wales cape

Blumarine Prince of Wales cape

Eva Herzigova Blumarine Prince of Wales cape


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Photos: Blumarine