August 12, 2014

Do what the designer says and does!

American designer Phillip Lim makes his self-portrait – his and his women’s and men’s fashion label – by saying they are ,,everyday classics accented with a sense of madness’’. And, if you sit crooked and thing straight, and, on top of that, you analyse besides of what he’s saying the what he’s doing – dress up his declared fans… Michelle Obama!!! Lady Gaga!! Lorde! and Kanye West!!! – I say it’s quite possible to realise it’s the perfectly pitched description of a happy and fulfilled life!

But what are the 5 habits of the successful (fashion) man Phillip Lim? Well, here they are! Just as much suited for a balanced and stylish lifestyle as they are original!

! his morning routine takes just 15 minutes: it comes down to shaving with a none too modern Wahl electric razor followed by taking an energy-boosting showed using Como Shambhala’s peppermint and ginger Invigorate shampoo

! next is his all-day keep-sake, the perfume. Lim uses the same one for years, Terre d’Hermès. He says that ’’it’s important to have a signature scent, so people remember you not just by sight, but also smell. Style’s not just a visual aesthetic.’’

! and… that’s about it! except… his tonic before a meeting or a challenging part of the day: a sip of tequila and chewing gum. The alcohol reinvigorates the mind and… cheeks, while the gum serves not only as a breath-freshener, but also gets the blood circulating.

… Rosewater Face Mist from Sodashi: ’’It’s like drinking water for your skin.’’

… and getting a fresh trim every 5 days!


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Photos:, 3.1 Phillip Lim