April 22, 2011

Dita Von Teese and Blake Lively glamorous with Analeena luxury bags

A few days ago I discovered a new, emerging brand that comes with a glamorous style for the fashion lovers who want to meet up with new, talented young designers and their remarcable piece of art. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you Analeena!

You are allowed to be excited, because Analeena is a luxury handbag label, a classic trendsetter among the world’s elite, supported by innovation and the finest Italian craftsmanship. These gorgeous, exquisite bags have been spotted on the arms of the world’s most fashionable people. Dita von Teese and Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) are just a few of them, who can testify the uniqueness of Anallena’s bags.
The brand had a huge success from the very begining, selling in the world’s most exclusive department stores like Harrods in London or in Paris, Doha, Cairo, Riyadh, Dubai, Hong Kong.

The unprecedented innovation and passion that is the backbone of the Analeena range has produced design elements that are unique to Analeena and enhance the excellence and exclusivity of the brand. From secret umbrella pockets to mini torches (isn’t it a great idea???) to bag hangers, you will find supreme class hand in hand with practicality.

Inspirations are drawn from the colours of our everyday world. Whether it’s the burning sun of India or the icy blue skies of the Alps or a psychedelic palette of Laduree macaroons, making them just irresistible.

I bet you wonder who is the designer who makes all the beauties you are going to see next.

Classy and sophisticated, Lina H is the visionary behind the luxury label Analeena, creating pure, unadulterated luxury. With her bags retailing between £1500 and £12,000 (who said luxury is afordable?! ), she launched a exclusive label in the midst of the recession. And it’s not about being a brave entrepreneur, it’s about stunning design, it’s about the use of exotic skin from lizard to crocodile in a vast spectrum of colours which ensures that each collection is vibrant and inventive and chic. No secret, just passion and talent.
Currently living in Paris but jet setting all over the world looking for inspiration. Lina H has always had a passion for high luxury and design. By the age of 21 she was a buyer for the legendary Hermes in London.

From there, you can imagine that the road to her own label was not long at all. Inspired by the French Riviera, designer Lina H very much imposes her own style rather than being guided by the trends of the season and creates nothing less than pieces to be treasured. Keep an eye on Lina’s designs. Her label is one of the hottest names in the luxury industry.

I posted above a selection of my favourite items from the S/S 2011 collection. Classic but with a twist of youth, timeless yet trendy, chic and sexy, Analeena handbags seduced my eyes with its fine details, clasic shapes, elegant style and luxurious materials. And I encourage you to buy one of these magnificent pieces, as you can find a large spectrum of bags for all the daily activities, shopping sessions or exclusive partys. Anywhere you go, you can’t make mistakes wearing Analeena bags.


The PAPILLION Day Collection – Ostrich bowling bag, with python delicately draped.

The VERTICAL SHOPPING Collection – A large soft crocodile, renoir finishing, bag with lizard handles, a secret pocket and torch, and rose metal bag hanger inside.

Pearl Degdrade 2011 Limited Edition


And now, my favourite piece from CIGARETTE Collection – Natural Vegetable colour crocodile bag. To tell you a secret, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful bags at Paris Fashion Week, but this one beats them all.
Love the precious texture of the crocodile skin ( I can almost feel it only by looking at it) and the mixture of mustard & lemon yellow would place any fashionista among the most stylish people on earth. The clasic square shape design is being complimented by the golden chain and the Analeena exquisite signature logo.

Seriuosly, when I saw this bag I thought Lina made it specially for me, as iti is eaxctly the bag of my dreams. This is not just a bag it’s a piece of jewellery. Simply astonishing! Breathtaking! So sexy! I could live happily with this bag and need nothing else. Just me and the bag.



KISS CUFF BRACELET – fuchsia crocodile cuff bracelt with the Analeena logo in rose gold metal

OVERSIZED CLUTCH CROCODILE -Soft crocodile clutch with rose or palladium metal buckle, features an integral palladium chain for bag hanger. I must say that made an obbsession out of clutches this year and Analeena doesn’t help me with changing my direction at all.

KATE CABAS CROCODILE – Kate Cabas in degraded colour and multicoloured. Available in 3 different colours and 3 differed finishes.

Dita von Teese is proudly wearing an Analeena oversized green clutch

Blake Lively with a KATE CABAS CROCODILE on her arm

This is what I call “the paradise of bags”. I’d love to be in Lina’s place, surrounded by tons of multicolored bags. Wouldn’t you?