July 25, 2013

Marc Jacobs Is Our New Buddy For Discovering Cool Hotspots!


Do you remember me telling you that Marc Jacobs‘ latest fragrance, Honey, is going to be the summer’s star fragrance? I don’t mean to brag or something, but it seems like I was right! And now you can check yourself what I was telling you, because the sweet and delicate perfume is already flying off store shelves. I’ve already fallen in love with it!

And since such a sensual essence deserves to be worn out and about, Marc Jacobs has launched a special campaign: #MJHONEYHOTSPOTS is an interactive map powered by Google, through which Marc shares his favourite hotspots, inviting us to do the same.

For me, discovering cool new destinations is an adventure in which I like to indulge day after day – my friends can confirm that they’re being dragged everywhere, each time I hear of a new place opening, whether it’s a park, a club, a museum or a chic bistro. Now, I have a new buddy to share my favourite hotspots with – and it’s none other than Marc Jacobs!

mjhoneyhotspots 1

So, what do you say? Are you ready to share your favourite locations? What you need to do is visit your preferred destination, take a photo and upload it to the interactive map via Instagram or Twitter , using the hashtag #MJHONEYHOTSPOTS.

Bonus: Our new buddy for discovering cool destination, has a special surprise in store: Marc Jacobs bags and bangles, and the marvellous Honey fragrance, are prizes which we can win once we step into the game!


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Photos courtesy of: marcjacobsfragrances.com, facebook.com