May 27, 2013

Discover Isabella Blow’s Life And Wardrobe – An Insight Into The World Of A Legendary Figure


Famous for her love of eccentric headgear and responsible for discovering milliner Philip Treacy, designer Alexander McQueen and models Sophie Dahl and Stella Tennant, and introducing them into the fashion industry, Isabella Blow embodies a key-figure in the contemporary world of fashion.

Blow started her career in fashion in 1980, working for Guy Laroche. A year later, she was hired as an assistant for Anna Wintour at Vogue, and shortly after, she got to work alongside Andrew Leon Talley, the publication’s editor-at-large. During her stay in New York, her fascination with the artistic world led her to meet and befriend Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.


In 1986, Isabella Blow returned to native London, becoming fashion director for the Sunday Times Style Magazine, as well as tattler magazine. She is credited with some of the most memorable and eccentric photo shoots for the latter. Three years later, milliner Philip Treacy was the one to design a head accessory for the editor’s wedding, establishing the foundation of a lifelong-lasting and extremely tight friendship between the two. Blow encouraged Treacy to exercise his creativity and wore his designs with every occasion, making them a statement-accessory of her every outfit, perfectly mirroring her eccentric personal style.

Blow’s flair for intuiting young talents from an early time made her purchase Alexander McQueen’s entire graduation collection for the price of ₤5,000, launching his career in the fashion industry.


During her lifetime, Blow has accumulated an impressive collection of designer pieces – from Philip Treacy and Alexander McQueen to Hussein Chalayan or Julien Macdonald.Three years after her death in 2007, Daphne Guinness purchased the late editor’s entire wardrobe collection.

Starting with the end of this year, the Somerset House cultural center in London is offering its guests an unique opportunity: that of viewing the wardro9be of the legendary Isabella Blow, as part of an exhibition entitled “Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!”. More than 100 clothing and accessory pieces will be showcased in the exhibition, from November 20th 2013 and up until March 2nd 2014 – a truly must-see fashion event.

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