June 22, 2012

Diamonds are the perfect investment

If you’re looking to invest, forget about lands or houses. Today, diamonds are the perfect investment. Arie David, founder of A. David Diamonds & Gold company, the only certified specialist in diamonds in Romania, sais: „Diamond’s price has risen considerably over the last five years – by 20% for larger stones, and up to 60% for small stones. Theese numbers show that more and more people invest in precious stones, that are esily to store, transport and exploite. There are signs that their price will continue to increase, which makes diamons a perfect investment.”

The latest quotes on Tell Aviv’s Diamond Exchange show that the same diamond that in 1983 costed around 8000$, in 2012 costs 28.900$.

Arie David is certified and accredited at the Israel Diamond Exchange and provides diamonds for many jewelers in Romania. His company offers free evaluation expertise.

Photos: entertainment.desktopnexus.com, liveinternet.ru