May 31, 2012

Diamonds are Jubilee’s best friend

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen, the British will have an extended holiday weekend, starting from June 2, until June 5. Also, from June 30 to July 8 and from July 31 to Oct. 7, the royal jewelry collection will be exposed at the Buckingham Palace, in an exhibition called Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration.

The event will certainly be impressive, considering that the jewels belonged to the British monarchs of the last 200 years. Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration will include famous pieces, like the diamond diadem, created in 1821 for King George IV, or the diamond necklace made for Queen Victoria in 1858. You can see a preview of the exhibition here.

And if your appetite for jewelry needs to be satisfied, I suggest you should visit Harrods, online or offline. They have a jewelry collection created especially to mark the Jubilee, with earrings, bracelets and diamond pendants that worth every penny . Here’s just a few!

The Diamond Jubilee Regitze Disc Pendant, £1,450.00,


The Diamond Jubilee Regitze Disc Bracelet,


The Diamond Jubilee Regitze Pendant, £3,600.00,

The Diamond Jubilee Regitze Bracelet, £14,000.00,