June 17, 2013

Diamond beauty and peacock blue. Harry Winston delights to loose your soul over

Premier Glacier Harry Winston

I’ll confess my sin. Diamonds have never been my favourite. And I’ve never tried to explore my against nature bias for less than perfect stones.  Why should I have done it? It was keeping me safe from yet another pain so much like that of chocking passion sprung from impossible love. I already had pearls and jade cruel enough in their ability to make me loose my train of thought and have me wishing I was a Chinese princess of centuries past.

2Premier Glacier Harry Winston

But I hadn’t yet met Harry Winston’s Premier Glacier. The asymmetrical setting of the marvellous dial stones embraced into a perfect circle might very well be a dramatic metaphor – cut into sharp diamond – for true beauty. Could this be the reason for Premier Glacier’s shine so richly different from that of any other diamond set in magnificent jewellery? Maybe. Maybe it has a soul.

Premier Glacier Harry Winston

And the 497 diamonds of over 30k that the chiselled with experience jewellers at Harry Winston are setting into perfection with a rhythm reminiscent of the eons it takes nature to birth a diamond or build a glacier – between 5 and 7 a day – are this way also getting animated with passion and talent.

Ah, and the nonetheless exquisite Premier Feathers! Peacock feathers, satin and diamonds so feminine and delicate! Did they make me loose my head or have they also taken my soul?

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Photo source: Harry Winston