April 11, 2012

Detox through your feet

Spring is the best season to start a detoxification in terms of food, given the variety of vegetables that start to occur and the body’s needs to adapt to the new season, but not only.

Another detoxification method, which is achieved in just 30 minutes, is through the DetoxSpa therapy. All you have to do is just sit with your feet in a saline solution and expect the effect. You will see that water colors into yellow, green, brown or even black, depending on the problems you have. If it turns brown and black it means that you liver and gall bladder is being cleaned, if it gets green or yellow is a proof that your kidneys and urinary tract is detoxifying.


This happens because the feet are the communication channels with all the internal organs. The flow of ions generated by DetoxSpa resonates with them and attracts toxins, heavy metals and impurities, to the feet, removing them like this.

Experts say that after such a session you will instantly feel re-energized.


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