July 12, 2013

Design your own 100% personalised sunglasses and become a trend setter!

Adidas customize eyewear

If you have a burning crave to start playing with shapes and colours, you don’t need to get yourself a Lego set, nor needs your play be in vain! You can start right now playing by hyper-personalising your eyewear – EUR 99-, at Adidas! They get you tricked out with dozens of shapes, the most intense or shady of lenses and give you total freedom in painting every inch of the frame in the colour of your choice. Subtly matched or wildly put together, at your eye’s whim.

It means just a few millions of possible styles making it awfully hard to stick to just one pair and inevitable to have your shades be Adidas, and still completely unique. And if through the process you come to doubt your creative sense, after the full customization, go, via your web cam, in try on mode and see how the options you’re already so proud of, really complement your features and skin tone.

Adidas customize eyewear

And even if, inexplicably, it turns out that your designer talent is just a little bit to quirky, you can always happily fall back on the extraordinary Armani, The Splash from Burberry or on the non-customizable but like-no-one-else’s shades at Sunglass Curator!


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Photo source: Adidas