May 29, 2013

Deepika Kurup is 16 and has invented the most cost effective and sustainable water purification system

Deepika Kurup is 16, at high school, and has invented the cheapest, most efficient and easy to use water filtering system. It is highly cost efficient, fuels on solar energy, doesn’t pollute and generates clean and fresh drinking water.

Deepika was motivated by a trip to India, where she saw children drinking stale and dirty water. Her intelligence, drive for science, relevant mentoring and childish courage – I want to solve a problem and I will – helped her say loud and clear I want ’’to find a solution to the global water crisis’’ and do just that.

So far, she has the technological part of the issue sorted out. She now needs the grown up help of those able to get her to the point of delivering her water filtering equipment to all of those needing it. ’’My next step is applying for a patent. I want to start a non-profit organization to deploy my innovation.’’ The young inventor seems to have everything carefully thought through.

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