September 26, 2016

Daizy Shely S/S 2017 – romantic nonconformism or eccentric femininity

Israeli origin designer, Daizy Shely, has been living in Milan since 2009. Since 2011, she has been designing for her namesake brand and, in 2014, won the ‘’Who is on Next?’’ prize awarded by Vogue Italia and Altaroma.

Femininity and determination are the defining concepts of her style, and the spring-summer 2017 collection shown during Milan Fashion Week filters these ideas through the light reflected by mirrors. Their capacity to represent but also distort the image of every one of us fascinates Shely, who finds it to be similar to the eccentric universe of Alice and her Wonderland adventures.

And, at the precise meeting point between reality and imagined, between reflected and reflection, we find the pieces of the Daizy Shely S/S 2017 set.
Romantic, always guided by principles of harmony and beauty, her creations sometime also brim with the unexpected. As far as cut goes, romantic flounces meet the asymmetrical in knee-length skirts and dresses. Long sleeves counterbalance deep cleavages. And the rock’n’roll of cropped jackets worn with mini dresses intersects the minimalistic identity of bandeau tops or the exuberant character of flamenco dresses.

The chromatic palette makes for yellow, blue and fiery red to blemish the purity of white.

And prints look for a similar effect. At one end of the spectrum we have uni white pieces and, at the other, vibrant explosions of watercolor poppies.

The fabrics make no exception from the contrast rule. They range from eyelet to fluid satin, from transparent veil to lamé silk.

Further spicing up the collection’s diverse styling, Daizy Shely chose for accessories reptile leather booties, knee-high sports inspired socks and belts and choker necklaces bearing mirror heart-shaped charms.

Daizy Shely #MFW SS17

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Photos: Daizy Shely