November 26, 2015

D for desire, D for Decadence – the new Marc Jacobs fragrance

Did you know that 79% among the women using fragrance own between 2 and 10 bottles of various perfumes? It seems that I’m among the majority, even if closer to the 10 than to the 2. It is only natural, though, – if I am to take myself for example – that in this universe of temptations we were to lose our head and let ourselves be lured into making another addition to the collection.

The more – and this point is unbeatable – the better. Especially since Marc Jacobs is catering to our preferences with an array of perfumes/feminine traits of personality. His Daisy fragrance was meant for the delicate sweetness in every one of us. Lola played into our edginess and pushback of the norms. And Decadence speaks the intense and straightforward language of sensuality!

Marc Jacobs Decadence

An exploration of its ingredients is enough to tap into hidden resources of extrovert sophistication. Plum, iris and saffron, rose and jasmine, vetiver, papyrus wood and amber – are all intoxicating essences that by their mere enumeration raise some of the near-ecstasy induced by the opening of a bottle of Decadence.

When I choose a new fragrance, what I actually choose is an intense sensory experience. Smell, touch, sight are all involved… It’s a moment of pure thrill. From the perfume all the way to its magnetic little bottle, at the moment of choice and, also, every time I use it, what comes to play is a strong blend of emotions.

Adriana Lima in the campaign of the new Decadence paints the exact feel of pamper and glamour that Marc Jacobs had in mind. As it is for its objet du désir bottle. A ’’personal talisman’’, ’’something that evoked the sense of a bag, with python and gold chain and a black silk tassel, so it had a kind of opulence and glamour’’, as the designer himself had in mind.

Decadence Eau de Parfum comes in three different sizes, plus as Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Rollerball.


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