July 17, 2013

Cynthia Rowley’s Seemingly Innocent Accessory…With A Twist


”Necessity is the mother of invention” states and old proverb, cited on Cynthia Rowley‘s website. I could, thus, deduct, that Cynthia is a person who respects the very important rule of consuming at least 2 litres of liquid per day, because amongst her accessories collection, one may find a truly unique piece: a stylish bangle…featuring a secret compartment for hiding drinks.

Since carrying around a water bottle can prove both impractical as well as unfashionable (coordinating the colour of the bottle with the colour of your outfit doesn’t help), and the gesture of producing a flask and drinking from it is something a lady should never get caught doing, Cynthia Rowley seems to have the ideal answer to this problem.

The Flask Bangle can conceal a few ounces of water or fresh juice and even a few mouthfuls of alcohol for ”emergency situations”. Wear the clever bangles stacked, in silver or gold (or try mixing both for a cool effect), and kill two birds with one stone – you cover the daily intake of liquids and you also have a statement ultra-stylish look, which will definitely become a conversation starter at any party.



Gwyneth Paltrow is already a fan of the Flask Bangles. What are you waiting for? You can purchase them here, for approximately € 279 (gold) or € 172 (silver).

Looking for an equally chic alternative for your guy? Sadly, Cynthia Rowley does not make men’s accessories, but you can surprise him with a smart Flask Tie, which can too hold the ideal quantity of liquid in order to quench a nasty thirst or make a boring party a little bit more fun.


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Photos courtesy of: cynthiarowley.com, bellesnandrebelles.blogspot.com