November 28, 2012

Cyber Monday Sales Rise By 26%

Cyber Monday, the day that marks the fact that there are four weeks left until Christmas, also marks the start of the festive season shopping extravaganza. Cyber Monday is known as the busiest day in online shopping, being the online equivalent of Black Friday.

“Cyber Monday is always a key date in the e-commerce calendar, triggering the first spike in pre-Christmas sales. We predict this year will be significantly up on last year, driven by consumers shopping through mobile and tablet devices.”, stated Joanna Stephenson, trading director at

According to a study conducted by IBM Digital Analytics on 500 retail websites, Cyber Monday sales have risen by 26% from last years’s numbers, reaching a record profit of $1.5 billion.

The highest sales have been recorded during 9.30 A.M.-1.30 P.M., given the fact that people who haven’t finished their shopping on Black Friday have continued to shop online before going to work or during their lunch breaks.

According to Joanna Stephenson, the luxury items that topped the list last year for online shoppers were clutch bags, dresses and accessories, a fact not surprising, given the fact that the party season is rapidly approaching. Shoppers have already begun to look for such items, and retailers are doing their best to luring customers, by coming up with various offers, one more tempting than the other. Private shopping, special offers and online counseling via live webchat are just some of the ways that e-tailers use to attract clients, and as Christmas time is closing in, it is expected that sales rise even more.

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