October 4, 2013

Crystal, pearl, stardust encrusted sport shoes from Hogan!

Hogan Atelier

I have excellent news this fall Friday… I’ve just come across the ideal sport shoes, good reason – no, you didn’t guess – not to enthusiastically head out jogging, but rather ask myself once more if I should or should not start exercising after all…

It might not seem much, but for someone with my feelings towards the cold, wet and generally great! outdoor, I’m telling you, it really takes a manually made-to-order satin crystal encrusted limited edition shoe, be it just for this apparently minimum progress!

Rock Diamonds, Golden Heart and Walk of Fame are just three of the ten tailorable shoes available at Hogan.com. And this time I really made up my mind. Concerning me and sports, as well as me and the Hogan Atelier Interactives. I’m choosing a pair not to go running with, one not go biking in, one not to…

Hogan AtelierHogan Atelier


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Photo source: Hogan