April 2, 2012

Crying on someone’s shoulder is cathartic

Although many people believe that crying is good, the truth is not exactly like this. A team of psychologists in the United States and the Netherlands have done research on its effects and found out that tears are good only if crying on someone’s shoulder, a person who can understand and support you.

97 women were asked to keep a diary about their crying and mood for about two months. Most of them (60%) said they felt the same after they cried, and 9% of them felt even worse. Naturally, those who were prone to negative or changing moods, cried the most. In these cases, crying didn’t solve anything, instead, led to an even worse state.

However, crying had a liberating effect for 30% of the women who cried rather short, but intense, and while they were in the presence of another person. Jonathan Rottenberg, a psychology professor at the University of Tampa, said: “Don’t expect crying by itself to bring relief. Crying can be helpful if it spurs you to get help from a supportive person.”

Photos: readmehow.com, mem3a.sonara.net