October 31, 2012

Million dollar creams

Expensive creams might seem extravagant at first glance, but in reality most of them justify their price by their exquisite bottles and by their super-special ingredients. And as long you consider yourself priceless, why wouldn’t you believe your skin deserves the best?

Orlane Creme Royale

Key ingredients: 24-carat gold, royal jelly

Known for its antioxidant properties, gold is the main ingredient in Orlane Creme Royale, priced at $382 per ounce. The cream also contains royal jelly, which is the secretion of bees that is fed to bee larves and is said to have great anti-aging properties. The producers say it’s regenerating and revitalizing properties reinforce the skin’s defenses and resilience. It is meant to have detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and helps the skin combat free radicals. The gold-infused cream is a favorite of makeup artists such as Matin, who used it to moisturize Claire Danes’s skin for the Golden Globes.





Kanebo Sensai Collection Premier The Cream

Key ingredient: Koishimaru silk

Once “reserved exclusively for the Japanese Royal Family’s use”, the fine Koishimaru silk is now the main ingredient in Kanebo’s cream. This silk is supposed to promote hyaluronic acid synthesis, restore vitality and lead to firmer skin within four weeks of use. The royal moisturizer runs about $464 per ounce. Maria Sharapova was spotted to have Kanebo’s creams in her bag.


The Essence skin serum

Key ingredient: Marine algae

“The Essence” is the latest and most expensive of the La Mer series and. The three transparent containers look very precious and contain a combination of seaweed, minerals, vitamin and wheat germ, marine algae and the essence of daffodil bulbs. This concentrated serum is said to soothe and boost the energy reserves of skin cells. Celebrities like Marcia Cross and Jennifer Lopez are known to love La Mer products. This high-end beauty product is a special limited edition and costs approximately $2.739.



La Prairie skin cream

Key ingredient: sea proteins

La Prairie skin cream costs $3000(per jar), but this spicy price is not only due to its special packaging, but also because it’s content. This majestic packaging is adorned with 2,400 dazzling Swarovski crystals. Eeach piece takes up to 48 hours of labor to produce, and only 610 numbered pieces were produced worldwide. The cream contains Caviar extract that helps nourish and energize the skin, resulting in silken smoothness and dramatically improved skin elasticity and tone. Actress Joan Collins is a fan of it!


Cle de Peau- La Crème

Key Ingredients: 4MSK, a superior brightening ingredient that inhibits melanin activation, Retinol, W-TC Complex, which improves epidermal cell metabolism.

Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido has launched a limited-edition face cream at the price of $13,300. The extravagant price is justified by the handcrafted jar, which comes with 30 layers of crystal and three platinum rings. There is also a regular version, sold for $750, and people who tried it said it has a noticeable impact on the skin. La crème formula’s ingredients are supposed to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and sagging. Amanda Seyfried’s porcelain skin is kept beautiful with this opulent moisturizer.



Photos: inci.sozlukspot.com