April 11, 2013

Craziest Celebrity Diets


Did you know that there is such a thing as a fast food diet? We discussed it here. You could think that those who try such a thing are so desperate to lose weight that they’d try any extreme measure to accomplish it. In this case, what’s the excuse for celebrities, who have premium instructors at their disposal, as well as the financial means to hire personal chefs that can cook the healthiest foods for them at any time of the day, but instead, choose to follow diets that seem to have come out straight from horror stories?!

Leaving aside famous diets such as the Raw Diet, the Master Cleanse, the Dukan Diet, the Cookie Diet or the Cabbage Soup Diet, some stars are willing to try slimming down methods that are as unique and imaginative as they are bizarre.

In spite of doctors’ advice, who have warned her that such a diet may not only compromise the integrity of her stomach, but her immune system as well, Megan Fox swears by the apple cider vinegar diet.


Instead of a glass of vinegar, Lady Gaga prefers something a little more refined – a few sips of whiskey. The artist claims that besides exercising, which is part of her daily routine, alcohol helps her shed unwanted pounds. And to think I’ve been trying to convince myself at parties to switch the Piña Coladas for plain water, in order to maintain my figure!

Setting aside the alcohol diet, at the opposite pole, there are a few ”medical”-sounding diets, that would however have any doctor screaming in panic. Actress January Jones has raised eyebrows all around Hollywood (and also worldwide, I should suppose), when, after having given birth, she had her placenta transformed into pills which she then took on a daily basis in order to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, Holly Madison, is also following in Jones’  footsteps. An equally ”scientific” slimming method? hCG injections (a hormone extracted from the urine of pregnant women), tried and tested by actress Laura Prepon.


By now, you’re probably wondering if Hollywood stars ever eat anything. The answer would be yes. They do eat – baby food, that is – in the case of Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston. Not as a dessert, which would be slightly understandable, given the sweet nature of the product, but as a main meal. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. I guess it’s better however than the famous ”Sleeping Beauty” diet that Elvis allegedly followed, which implied being put in a coma for two days, so that the body would burn the fat already existing inside of it.

Another bizarre approach to dieting, albeit not dangerously unhealthy like the others, comes from Jennifer Lopez. The artist is a fan of the grapefruit oil diet (not to be confused with the Grapefruit Diet, which implies eating half a grapefruit before each meal, so that the enzymes would help with calorie burn). Lopez always carries around a vial of the oil and maintains that the aroma has the power to stimulate the body to burn fat in a more efficient way.

For all the Hollywood stars who reach for alcohol or placenta pills in order to slim down, I’d recommend an alternative diet. One featuring daily doses of common sense.

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Photos courtesy of: vogue.it, qbn.com