August 7, 2013

Cosmetic Allergies – A Truly…Irritating Issue


Cosmetic allergies are a truly…irritating issue – both per se, as well as figuratively speaking. Here are a few helpful tips to prepare you in case you develop and allergy, and to teach you how to avoid one.

>> Get familiarised with the most common allergens (parabens, fragrances added to beauty products, Formaldehyde, Thymerosal, or Isothiazolinone, are amongst the agents most likely to cause cosmetic allergies to the skin.)

>> BUT keep in mind that even products that don’t contain parabens of fragrances, and are intended for sensitive skin, can cause allergies in some people.

>> If you notice an irritation on your skin, immediately cease to use the product that you suspect has caused the damage. If the irritation doesn’t go away in a few days, make an appointment with your dermatologist.

>> It is also advisable that you cease to use any other beauty products that have a powerful effect on your skin (creams containing retinol or glycolic acid, for instance, can trigger or even accentuate an allergy, by weakening the skin’s protective barrier). Until your irritation subsides and you find out exactly which product you are allergic to, you should stick to the base minimum when it comes to beauty products.

>> If you aren’t sure which cosmetic product is causing your allergy, there is a simple test to find out: one by one, apply the ”suspects” to a less visible patch of skin (such as the back of your neck), just like you normally would. This way, in a couple of days, you should be able to determine the culprit.

>> If you are skeptical about a certain beauty product and you suspect it might cause an allergy,never apply it directly to your face or any visible patch of skin. Instead, test in first for a few days on a less visible part of your body, such as the back of your neck.

>> Avoid self-prescribing allergy medicine to get rid of your irritation – wait for the doctor’s advice instead. Meanwhile, though, you can spray thermal water onto the affected area – it magically soothes the skin.

>>The more time a makeup products spends on your skin, the greater the risk of developing an allergy to it. Stay, therefore, away, from waterproof or any other long-lasting formulas.


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