March 2, 2015

Contemporary values, contemporary fashion: Gucci FW15

“The Contemporary is the Untimely”. This is the motto Alessandro Michele has chosen to herald his fall-winter set. As well as his second collection for Gucci, after last month’s men’s, this was his first feminine style statement. Or is that androgynous?

Gucci FW15


A legitimate question, since both his runways so far have featured men playing the part of women and vice versa, as well as men’s inspired womenswear and vice versa. And these blurred lines rather than a theme for his fall-winter 2015/2016 design-duo seem to hint to the new direction Gucci is to take under his creative helm. Two revealing answers about his stylistic personae are “Contemporary fashion is something that can happen on the street.” and ”Sensuality is what’s inside.”.

Expressions of an embracing of the introvertly personal above glamour or any other attributed value. In this light, there’s little wonder about the highly individual storyline told by the pieces on podium. The men’s collection cut out loafers were also omnipresent, with the exception of, probably, the most overtly feminine creation to run: pompon laced rounded tip kitten heels. Completing the look were midi skirts, boy-cut trousers, romantic backbone blouses balanced out by military jackets and coats.

The colours – dominantly black, beige, blue and burgundy – equally gender-neutral. Still, there were hints of femininity coded into details: floral prints on some of the chiffon dresses, lavishly beaded chokers, beautifully finished headbands and lush yet singular bird embroideries.

The Gucci revolution continues.

Gucci FW15


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Photos: Gucci