October 2, 2012

Complete grooming range for men, with organic ingredients


Men are not as lucky as women when it comes to grooming products, so that’s why I thought you will be glad to find out more about a new range of care dedicated to men. The new launched products are called Verdon, from L’Occitane, and are based on a complex of 3 active organic ingredients-peppermint, buckthorn and genepi, from Provence. They are mixed with spring water from Verdon, Provence.

The pure spring water leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin, the sea buckthorn essential oil helps restore the skin’s lipid film and has a lighting effect, due to its high concentration of vitamins A and E. The peppermint essential oil is purifying and refreshing, and genepi is a plant complex that fights free radicals.

Verdon contains a full line of facial and body care products, from cleansing foam and cream, to eau de toilette or shower gel. They have no parabens, phenoxyethanol, or soap. Products are priced between 8-35€.

Photos: L’Occitane Pr Office