January 28, 2013

Coach becomes a lifestyle brand, keeping up with its clients


The symbolic American stores Coach, specializing in the retail, as well as the designing, under their own label, of leather accessories – handbags, wallets and other similar apparel – aims at branching out, starting this year, towards footwear, prêt-à-porter, jewellery and watches.

It is to this end that Sandra Hill has been called, expected to bring her input to the company’s new direction: ’’we’re much more inclined to see the brand as telling the story of the total lifestyle’’, says Coach top management. The business press is also underscoring the fact that Coach is, by this strategic move, tackling the need to stay relevant in the competition against Michael Kors and Tory Burch.

Coach started in 1941, in New York, as a family workshop garnering 6 leather artisans. During the 2000s, says Coach, it has come to epitomise the classic American style.

The Company owns 500 stores in the US and Canada, and over 300 own stores in Japan, China, Singapore and Taiwan. Coach’s territorial expansion targets Malaysia and South Korea.


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Photo source: theperfumegirl.com