November 6, 2013

Close your eyes and you’re there! Around the world with Louis Vuitton and David Bowie!

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Excitement, excitement… We’ve witnessed the world premiere of the Louis Vuitton Venetian ball hosted by David Bowie and Arizona Muse!

If it’s still necessary to explain my uncontained enthusiasm – even if I’d say that Bowie, LV and Venice are already unarguable, unbeatable reasons – I’m more than happy to share!

First, I recommend the watching of the movie, as a fourth strong argument. And, then, I tell you that Louis Vuitton, starting with this extravagant visit to Venice, is going to take us across meridians – from Europe to Beijing and back again – while revealing, scattered among the wonders of the world, its own treasures – from coffers for boat voyages to clutches for a night out in the most famous of Ibiza clubs.

In other words, an interactive campaign like a window to the world open on a mobile app! Simple and fascinating, isn’t it?

The journey has begun…

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Photos: Louis Vuitton