June 7, 2013

Clever Tips For Online Fashion Shopping


Online shopping has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, already casting a shadow of uncertainty over the future life of brick-and-mortar stores.

Before clicking the ”Buy” button however, take a minute to browse through our advice for a truly sensational online shopping experience:

>> Do your shopping exclusively on reputable websites. Even if you really really crave that exquisite pair of shoes or that limited edition bag that you’ve found in some obscure corner of the Internet, refrain from purchasing it. Most likely, you’ll end up with an empty bank account and no delivery at all. Most online shopping sites will feature the image of a tiny padlock in the upper left corner of your browser, once you reach the payment page, alerting you that everything is safe. Moreover, remember to check that the payment page features a link that starts with ”https://” instead of the usual ”http://”, to ensure complete safety.

>> Check the feedback left by customers who have already purchased the item that you’ve set your eyes on. Lots of times, the product may slightly differ from the photo featured on the website. Also, you can find out about the sizing – which may vary from one brand to another – and customer review can help you choose the right size for yourself.

>> Make sure you can return the purchased product if it does not qualify to certain standards or varies highly from its photo featured on the website.

>> Most fashion shopping websites offer professional styling advice that’s just a click away. If you have any inquiry regarding the products, fit, sizing, delivery, styling or anything else, feel free to ask questions.

>> From time to time, shopping websites offer special bonuses or coupons. Be on the lookout, not only during the holidays, and you could very well benefit from flash sales, free delivery or other cool surprises.

>> Keep the e-mail that confirms your order and payment, in case there is an unfortunate incident regarding them.

>> If you wish to be extra safe, use a specially designated debit card to do your online shopping and only supply it with a limited amount of money periodically. This way, potential thieves will not have access to your entire bank account.

>> Make use of the latest technology to simplify your life and make lists of what you desire – fashion apps such as Hukkster, Threads or Top Shelf will surely become your best friends in no time.


Hukkster is a shopping tool currently working with 2,000 retailers worldwide, letting you follow your desired products with the click of a single button, and alerting you via e-mail or text message when they go on sale or when a coupon code or promotion is applicable.

Threads is an online service developed by luxury e-tailer Shop It To Me, which lets you personalise a shopping list that includes brands such as Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang or Lanvin, as well as promotion/sale alerts.

 top shelf

Top Shelf plays the role of an online personal stylist – the website’s team of styling experts will not only suggest individual products, but will also introduce you to websites to your liking, using a Pandora-like system of tracking and analysing your personal taste.

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Photos courtesy of: onlinefashionshoppingsite.com, hukkster.com, topshelfclothes.com