April 3, 2014

Clash of the titans. Elle Man: Zlatan Ibrahimovic photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. A kaiser and a prince, a fashion genius and a genius scorer, what might it be that these two greats have in common, besides a magazine editorial and quite the same hairstyle?

Karl Lagerfeld Zlatan Ibrahimovic Elle Man France

Well, from trivial coincidences – not at all a rarity when you have two such popular and complex personalities – like their being front page stars the very same month, their every word and breakthrough – on catwalk or football pitch – instantly going viral and, respectively, legendary, or the reality of their easily recommending by just first name, Karl and Zlatan also share life philosophies!

As for every time Lagerfeld answers his own question, ’’Where do I get my energy? EDF – envy, desire, and forcefulness.’’, Ibrahimovic probably nods and says back: ’’Get ready to be zlataned!’’

And if someone still wondered about the dynamic between such kindred spirits, it naturally is a collaboration doubled by a constructive competition. How else could it be, when before Zlatan zlataned, Karl karlified and before the designer made his footballing self-portrait, the goal-getter scored?! Let’s just hope Ibrahimovic never finds out Lagerfeld created for Chanel nothing but a basketball and an American football ball…

Karl Lagerfeld football

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel balls


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Photos: Elle France, Sepp Magazine, New York Times, Karl Lagerfeld, Zlatan Ibrahimovic