August 12, 2013

Ciclotte. The Italian trendsetter bike


In the old days, it was considered noble for a woman to have a fairer skin as possible, a porcelain skin angelic beauty. Today, society’s unwritten laws are much more flexible, allowing for even the wildest of tans regardless of season or latitude. Hourglass figures of glorious decades – from Marylin to Brigitte – have also been overshadowed by a certain Kate Moss, for then to have divine Beyoncé reversing the trend and demonstrating the obvious, yet thus far also the hard to believe. Fashion is here to be changed, and change is as much in the hands of Karl Lagerfeld as it is in those of whoever bold enough to claim it.

Ciclotte is working on just that! They have decided that sport is fashionable inside and out. Then created an innovative bicycle capable to top the expectations of a professional athlete. Carbon fibre or steel, state of the art accessories, 5 spinning positions and the distinct feel of a road race. And then got Roberto Cavalli up for the challenge of transforming sport into haute couture.

Ciclotte Roberto Cavalli

The limited edition, now up, did leave traces, such as the sensational fuchsia and silver Ciclottes, and the comparison of the rather athletic price of a revolutionary bike – between EUR 7 and 8 500 – with the equivalent of barely 1.5 haute couture dresses. And should we put a Ciclotte Lamborghini – EUR 10 100 – against an Italian super car, the chances for hyper fashionable cycling to come through as a people’s sport are even greater – a luxury bike, just 0.03 of a luxury car.

Let the trend shift begin!

Ciclotte Lamborghini


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Photo source: Ciclotte