August 8, 2013

Adorn Your Nails With Denim, Plumage Or Emeralds For A Showstopping Look

Yes, you read the title right – This summer, your nails are a white canvas for your endless imagination to adorn, and the super-fun kits courtesy of Ciaté are your most valuable utensils to do so.


Do you miss the time when the last days of summer meant shopping for back-to-school supplies? Celebrate the beginning of the new school year, even though you’re no longer a student, with Ciaté’s Chalkboard Manicure kit. Paint a matte black base and then, use your drawing skills just like in Art class, to decorate your ten mini-chalkboards with chalk-like coloured scribbles.


The Nineties have been over for quite some time, but if you happen to miss them, you can bring them back into your grasp. How? With the Ciaté Corrupted Neon Manicure sets, which bring the atmosphere of the wild rave parties of the 90s right at the tips of your fingers. Paint a base of intense pink, bright blue, blinding yellow or electric orange and then apply the special UV coat. Then, go find a source of ultraviolet light to showcase your fantastic new manicure.


Denim has successfully wormed its way into the fall apparel collections, so why would it not be present as well on your nails? The Ciaté Denim Manicure kit includes a Paint Pot in regatta, three pots of gold, silver and copped studs, as well as two sets of stickers with a stitching motif, so that you can make your nails resemble the coolest blue jeans ever.


From Alexander McQueen to Dries van Noten and from Fendi to Jason Wu, it’s hard to find a Fall/Winter collection this year, that doesn’t feature plumage. Follow the trend with the Ciaté Feather Manicure kit, which lets you adorn your nails with real feathers, for a truly showstopping effect.


You probably already know that emerald has been declared by Pantone experts to be this year’s colour. You can do more than welcome it into your wardrobe and on your eyelids – You can also wear it proudly on your nails, with the elegance and grace with which a princess wears an emerald tiara – courtesy of the Ciaté Emerald Manicure kit. All you have to do is paint your nails in the stunning emerald green shade and then create special textures, such as velvet, caviar or sequins. Add one or more cocktail rings for a glamorous effect!


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