May 23, 2012

Choose The Perfect Swimsuit Based On Your Silhouette

This summer, be a knockout at the beach with the perfect swimsuit, chosen based on your silhouette.
For a curvy silhouette
If your silhouette is resembles J.Lo or Beyonce’s bootylicious curves, go ahead and flaunt it. Choose a swimsuit that has a bikini bottom with a high waist, which will give the illusion of longer, slimmer legs, and a bikini bra with full cups, perfect for providing the necessary support and converge, or even a one-piece with a deep V-neck, to highlight your assets.

Lanvin Resort Collection One-piece Swimsuit – €645

For an androgynous silhouette

Count on colours and prints to create the illusion of curves. Draping in the bust and hip area are also helpful. To enhance your cleavage, choose a top or a bra that ties behind your neck, and a bikini bottom with a high cut.

One-piece Swimsuit by Zeki Swimwear – €150

For a petite silhouette
If you’re petite, try a bikini bottom with side ties, which will elongate your entire silhouette. A one-piece swimsuit with a zigzag print will perfectly sculpt your torso, and bikinis with appliqué details will flatter your natural body shape.

Bikini – €320 & One-piece – €360 by Agent Provocateur

For a silhouette with a little bit of tummy
If your abdomen is not as flat as you would have wanted, try a one-piece bathing suit. Side cutouts make for an ultra- sexy look, as well as distracting attention from the problem area. Also, a hipster bikini bottom will put focus on your legs, instead of your tummy, and a vintage-style swimsuit will highlight the feminine hourglass shape of your body. You may also try a two-piece bathing suit with horizontal stripes, which will make the bare part (your tummy) look more slender.

For a full cleavage

To optically decease the fullness of your bust, all the while maintaining its sensuality, you must be very careful when choosing the top part of your swimsuit. Make sure that everything stays in place by choosing the right size, and if you’re going for a one-piece, try the ones with a built-in bra.

H&M Bikini – €10

For a small cleavage
To make the most out of a small cleavage, it’s recommended that you go for prints and layers. Try a ruffle bikini top, or one with detailing or various appliqués, which will make your bust appear bigger, all the while providing you with a feminine and sexy look. Also, you’ll find that a bandeau bikini bra fits you like a glove, and if you choose one with horizontal stripes, you will surely be a knockout at the beach.