July 2, 2015

Choose the perfect sunglasses according to your face shape – The men’s edition

Unlike women, men understandably like to play it safer when accessorizing. A few watches, some scarves (for winter, mostly) and belts – this is your typical man’s full list of accessories. Usually, the most fashion-oriented also own a hat or a bag… Yet eyewear is an almost universal must! And as glasses are virtually an extension of their face, men have to invest time and care in choosing them wisely: they can bring out their best features, highlighting their face or, on the contrary, a mismatched model can disrupt the face’s harmony and get to shine a poor if not bad light on even the most chiselled of Adonises.

On the other hand, a mindfully chosen sunglasses design, fine-tuned to their face’s shape, can amount to making them Mister World material. So, choosing right is well worth the effort!


Janina Nectara: If you have a square shaped face, with a well-contoured jaw line, prominent cheekbones and a wide forehead, go for round or oval shaped frames, in order to have your features softened by weighing against the straight lines of your face. Besides these, also appropriate is the Aviator model that can strike a balancing contrast against the geometrical lines of the face by adding needed roundness. Be careful though: Aviators come in many sizes. And a pair of undersized glasses can look odd on a wide face. The opposite is, obviously, also true.


Contrary to what you’ve been going for until now, if you have an oval face don’t rush into thinking that just any sunglass shape will do.


Janina Nectara: We’re inclined to believe that an oval face is ideal, one that looks good with any type of eyewear, but if the oval shape is particularly elongated, things turn on their head.

If you have a narrow face, with a high arching forehead, a narrow nose and an elongated chin, by wearing the right pair of glasses you can create an illusion of wideness.

Ideally, you should choose a pair of sunglasses that draw attention to the horizontal lines of the face. And the best option to do that are Shield model shades. They extend from one side of the face to the other and give the impression of being made out of one single lens. Generally, sport-purposed glasses have this design, but in order not to have you constantly looking like on a ski slope, the designers have elaborated chic variations, adjusted to everyday use.


Those with a round face also shouldn’t approach eyewear shopping with too much detached casualness.


Janina Nectara: A round face, with full cheeks and a jaw line that is not that sharply outlined can be balanced with the help of a geometrically, angular-shaped pair of glasses. For example, the Wayfarers model can give the look of better-chiselled features. They’re those rectangular glasses whose lenses are fully framed. This is a highly versatile model. It comes in various sizes and depending on this characteristic it can be also adopted by those having an oval or heart-shaped face.


It is now time for those whose face is heart-shaped to take note.


Janina Nectara: If you have a rather wide forehead, round cheeks and a narrow chin, your faced has the so called shape of a heart. In this case you should go for glasses with lenses elongated towards the bottom half of the face, for adding width to the chin area. Try Aviators, as the teardrop shape of their lenses will surely have this enhancing effect. Also flattering is the Clubmaster model. Clubmaster is a variation of the Wayfarers, the only difference being that their lenses are only framed on the upper part of the glasses.


Did you think we were finished? Not a single bit! The real adventure starts only now!


Janina Nectara: Even if the type of frame has been correctly chosen, the quest for the ultimate eyewear is not yet finished. Colour plays just an important a role in choosing the ideally personalised model. This as it’s not only the shape of the face, but also the skin’s colour, that of the hair and even the haircut play a role in the final decision.


We know all too well that black is a best-seller not just when it comes to clothes, but for accessories as well. Nonetheless, there are cases where it should be crossed out from our set of options.


Janina Nectara: Black really doesn’t go for anyone. People with light-toned skin should avoid black and try champagne-coloured lenses that can lend a note of sophistication to even the sportiest of glasses.


Of course, the brave are free to choose even more vividly coloured options, following the season’s trends. This, of course, if they are aware of the fact that they’ll need to muster up some serious good-humour when, ten years from now, will be having a look at their 2015 summer photos.


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Photo: vagazine.com