November 6, 2012

Choose The Perfect Bangs For Your Face Shape

If all summer you’ve been counting on the super sexy beach hair look, fall is the time for a more structured hairstyle. Having said this, why not try bangs, a style that has made a huge comeback in fashion. Find out the best look for your bangs, according to your face shape:

If you have a round face

If you have a curved jawline and the outer corners of your cheekbones are the same length as the rest of your face, your perfect bangs are full and curvy. M-shaped bangs, which are just a little bit longer on the sides and in the middle, works best with a round face, giving it more structure. The ideal length for such bangs is a few millimeters below the eyebrows.

If you have and oval face

For a face that is more long than wide, with prominent cheekbones, the most flattering bangs are long, reaching down towards the temples, and sideswept. Make sure that your bangs start at the crown of your head, to balance out the long shape of your face.

If you have a heart-shaped face

For a face with a forehead that is about the same width as the jawline, and the chin comes to a distinct, narrow point, the most flattering bangs are long and wispy. Ask your stylist to make them layered, with the shortest strands of hair reaching your eyebrows and the longest gently grazing the corners of your eyes. Don’t worry about styling your bangs too much, a heart-shaped face works well with a messy look.

If you have a square face

If your cheekbones and your jawline are equally strong, the perfect bangs for you are asymmetrical ones. Stay away from blunt bangs, which will do the opposite of softening your features. Try instead long, piecey bangs, even layered ones, which go down to the corners of your eyes.


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