July 27, 2012

Chocolate protects skin against UV rays

You may know that chocolate makes you feel good, and can give you a well-being feeling when you feel sad or depressed. But what would you say if you found out that this delicious thing also helps you protect against UV rays?

A study conducted by the Journal of Nutrition discovered that the antioxidants contained by chocolate can actually protect the skin from the sun damage. The good news is that in order to benefit from this, you don’t have to put chocolate fondue all over your body, but to eat at least 326 milligrams of cocoa every day. People who have done this for 12 weeks had decreased sensitivity to UV light, compared to the ones who ate less. This does not mean that eating chocolate spares you from wearing sunscreen protection when you’re out in the sun, but that it makes your skin stronger.

The same study showed that this wonderful sweet makes skin smoother, and hydrates it better, so eating a little bit can actually improve your body aspect.

Photos: thisiswater.co.uk