December 11, 2013

Chime for Change’s impact so far. The numbers behind the stories

Chime for Change women

We’ve already been following Chime for Change’s unbelievable achievements for months now. However, in terms of the impact on girls and women’s lives such a project can have, 9 months are not by far enough time to see significant results. That is unless the drive and resources put into it really do live up to he grand task they’ve set themselves and unless this is just a beginning steadily building for a long-term commitment.

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Chime for Change chose to publish the 90-day update of the impact created by its non-profit partners through the EUR 3 million funding raised at the SOUND OF CHANGE LIVE concert past June, as a testimony to the unrelenting initiatives at work around the world. Additionally, at the beginning of December, Chime for Change in partnership with Twitter and TedWomen has organised a marathon aiming to develop mobile apps able to address specific women’s problems, hackathon to which it has invited the best and brightest in the field.

These funds and efforts have so far been directed towards 260 projects in 81 countries, across 87 non-profit partners, and they’re astounding results so far include:

·         75 sex trafficking victims who have been rescued, and provided with shelter and services

·         30 young women in the United Kingdom who received mentoring to help them cope with domestic trauma and seek safety

·         250 young global leaders currently receiving training in NYC to end street harassment

·         victims of domestic violence in Southern Bulgaria, who now have a local Global Fund for Women branch supporting their needs

·         340 girls who attended education workshops in India

·         5 000 patients in Afghanistan who received healthcare and education for one month

·         655 children in Brazil who received supplies to continue their schooling

·         127 women in Cambodia who received literacy, life skills and job training

·         600 people in Ethiopia with access to clean water thanks to two new wells

·         120 girls who received scholarships to attend secondary school in Malawi

·         450 young Peruvian women who were educated about HIV/AIDS and pregnancy

Chime for Change women

We’ve chosen to quote the data in full just to show how micro solutions amount to change, how lives and livelihoods get reshaped by access to proper medical care, empowering education and justice.

Adela, a 22 year old Afghan attendee of the Afghan Institute of Learning’s mobile literacy classes says “Before coming to this class, I didn’t imagine I would be able to read and write (…) It is a thing of pride for me and my family that I am able to read and write.”

The project was personally advocated for by Madonna. But it only takes million’s of our individual donations to make game changing shifts happen. So let’s work together to better these numbers, to better lives! Choose a project and donate today!

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Breaking tradition to celebrate the birth of a daughter in #India. Read more about it on Chime for Change’s Storytelling Platform!


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