July 10, 2013

Learn The Inspiring Stories Of Courageous Women Across The World

Day after day, millions of women around the world are victims of violence or discrimination. More and more of them, however, are prepared to fight in order to surpass their condition, and their courage is an inspiration and an empowerment source to anybody in this entire world.


Mariane Pearl, the widow of Daniel Pearl, the journalist kidnapped and killed in Pakistan, and Managing Editor of the global charitable initiative CHIME FOR CHANGE, is determined to shine a light onto the most inspirational stories of women everywhere.

Along with a team of dedicated journalists and the support of a set of world-renowned publications, such as the Herald Tribune and the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Mariane Pearl aims to showcase to the world, the success of a series of ordinary women who, through intense efforts, have managed to become extraordinary, surpassing their conditions, embracing their rights and making their voices heard around the globe.

The new storytelling platform inaugurated by CHIME FOR CHANGE will shine a spotlight onto the extraordinary courage of women from all corners of the world, who, in spite of poor conditions, have managed to fulfill their dreams, no matter how daring, becoming thus, a source of inspiration to us all.


Using the power of narrative and storytelling, the journalism platform set up by CHIME FOR CHANGE, will voice the inspirational stories of women who have had the courage to fight against discrimination, adamantly pursuing and ultimately gaining access to their truthful rights to education, health and a fair justice system.

The launch of the CHIME FOR CHANGE journalism platform, celebrating the efforts of women who have managed to re-write their life stories to spell success, is accompanied by a set of five short films showcasing the health, education and justice issues that women all over the world have to struggle with and face on a daily basis. The series of films directed by acclaimed directors, was first presented to the global public on June 1st, as part of the extraordinary THE SOUND OF CHANGE LIVE concert, during which, more than 50,000 people have shown their support for a charitable cause. The funds raised by the concert made their way to no less than 70 countries around the world, supporting about 200 charitable projects.

The five short films, which can be viewed and downloaded on the CHIME FOR CHANGE homepage www.chimeforchange.org as well as on www.youtube.com/chimeforchange tell intimate, personal stories, that however represent universal themes – issues in the fields of education, health or justice, that women everywhere have to face day after day.

Take a look and be inspired by the successful stories of women who have found the courage to fight against discrimination and violence, achieving extraordinary results.


SEPIDEH: LETTERS TO EINSTEIN (by Berit Madsen) tells the story of Sepideh, a young Iranian astronomer aiming to become an astronaut, in spite of social pressure and familial obligations that threaten to block her path.

REACHING FOR THE SUN (by Jehane Noujaim) follows the journey of thirty grandmothers from some of the most remote corners of the world, who are training to become solar engineers, so that they can travel back to their home villages and solve the electricity problems by offering the alternative of solar energy.

#SHOUTINGBACK (by Dan Reed) tells the story of Laura Bates, the British activist and journalist using the power of social media to highlight the problem of sexual harassment and that of female objectification.

DYNAMIQUE DES FEMMES JURISTES (by Hi-Sim Studios) – an animated film centered around a group of female lawyers from Congo, fighting for women’s rights.

JESSICA’S STORY (by Libby Spears) tells Jessica’s story, who has been a victim of human trafficking.

The series of films is accompanied by a special version of HUMAIRA: THE DREAM CATCHER, the story of Humaira Bechal, who dreams of a private school system being implemented in her home country of Pakistan.


The journalistic initiative started by CHIME FOR CHANGE aims to unify and empower the voices of girls and women all across the world, shining a light on the exceptional and inspiring stories of women who have faced outstanding challenges and have managed to successfully overcome them.

The CHIME FOR CHANGE short films are represented by an associated project on Catapult,the first crowdfunding platform solely dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women.

Thus, anybody, even yourself, may contribute, by choosing a project that you feel connected to.


Be the change you want to see in the world! Donate here even the smallest amount of money, in order to contribute to the impact of women leaders in Mexico, scholarships for girls in Africa or ending sex trafficking, for instance.

Through Chime for Change’s global reach and complex communication platform, people from all corners of the planet can get to know the issues affecting women today – be it on matters of education, health or justice – by choosing a specific project and then bringing their contribution to it.

You too have the possibility to support women facing difficult challenges on a daily basis, by making their remarkable stories known to the world, by distributing Chime For Change materials on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and encouraging others to follow in your footsteps.

Learn -> Find a project -> Support it! On chimeforchange.org.

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Photos courtesy of: Chime For Change