September 25, 2013

Chime for Change – Gucci fragrances, a new opportunity for funding women’s projects

Chime for Change

Chime for Change, the global initiative raising funds and awareness for girls’ and women’s empowerment founded by Gucci, has just renewed the strength of the voice it channels for speaking out for change!

At the annual reunion of The Clinton Global Initiative, Gucci and P&G made public their joint commitment to developing an innovative strategy for giving Gucci fragrances buyers the opportunity to contribute directly to the causes – education, health and justice – for which Chime for Change is intermediating the founding of local NGOs projects from tenths of countries worldwide.

This way, Gucci is further widening its web of partnerships centred on women’s issues activism – after the Kering Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Facebook and Hearst Magazines – in a new direction with enormous potential.

’’We serve around 4.8 billion people a day. – says Joanne Crewes, Chime for Change Advisory Board member and President of P&G Prestige, sharing the vision of Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci and founder of Chime for Change – If we can motivate just a fraction of these people to join the Chime for Change movement through Gucci fragrances, we can help build momentum in the movement to drive positive change.’’

So, let’s become one among those motivated for change! And until the first Gucci perfumes with the Chime for Change donation option become available, let us not forget about the women that need our help for adequate access to education, health and justice, as well as not forgetting the ways of contributing already within our reach!

Chime for Change

Wear the change and contribute to Chime for Change! Or donate directly for the project of your choice!


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Photo sources: Chime for Change, The Clinton Global Initiative