July 13, 2015

Chime for Change: a new global partnership and a new historic concert

We frequently use the expression ’’Chime for Change has taken yet another step further’’ and it is because Gucci’s world-spanning humanitarian and development project truly provides a constant stream of forward-looking news that are all, in fact, steps in the right direction. Almost 2 years and a half since its launch, Chime for Change, the catalyst for raising 7.3 million dollars and running over 400 projects in 86 countries continues to branch out towards new partnerships and multiply the assets at work for bettered access to education, health and justice for the women of the world.

Next to the Kering Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Facebook, Hearst Magazines and Catapult – founding partners – and P&G Prestige, Twitter and Kellogg’s Special K – strategic partners -, a new partner, Global Citizen, will from now on be contributing to CfC’s pursuit of global change.

The Global Citizen platform pools together information and direct courses of action within the reach of everyone, of every citizen, and thus facilitating the attaining of genuinely high objectives, like the fight against poverty, through the cumulative donations and gestures of millions among us. In fact, the goal behind which Global Citizen has rallied most of its resources is that of eradicating poverty by the year 2030.

This way, via The Global Poverty Project NGO, humanity actually is 18.3 billion dollars closer to achieving this task.

One of its ensign events is The Global Citizen Festival. Since 2012, it has been using the attraction factor of international artists such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Tiësto, Jay Z or Kings of Leon to get people motivated to win their concert ticket by making a ’’good deed’’ for the benefit of humanity.

This year, the formula stays the same with the difference made by the Chime for Change powered by Gucci partnership and the correlation of the concert’s date – Saturday, September 26 – with the United Nations’ launch of a new set of Global Goals. Plus the headlining artists, of course!

Those to grace the Central Park, New York, stage at the 2015 edition are Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, for a show of worldwide artistic and humanitarian magnitude produced by the man behind the Grammy Awards, Ken Ehrlich!

’’I am honored to be a part of the Global Citizen Festival. It has always stood for improving the lives of people everywhere, but this year is especially rewarding as we all join focuses and utilize our talents for one goal: to end extreme poverty globally.’’ says Beyoncé, Chime for Change co-founder and Global Citizen Festival performing artist.

Marco Bizzari, Gucci President, speaks about the value added, the synergy, that Chime for Change, Global Citizen and the artists on the Global Citizen Festival stage are able to channel: ’’This new partnership with Global Citizen will increase the momentum and impact of our campaign by harnessing the scale and global platform of Global Citizen to engage millions – especially young people – by educating them and encouraging meaningful action in support of girls and women.’’

If you can make it to New York at the end of September, for the Global Citizen Festival, learn how you can earn one of the free tickets to the concert, by following this video!

The humanitarian concert will be broadcast live on Global Citizen’s Youtube channel!


And if the welfare of those around is important to you as it is for your close ones, visit the Chime for Change, Global Citizen and Crowd Rise websites to find the best way you can become part of the change!


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Photo: Global Citizen