November 1, 2011

Chanel – the most wanted runway event

Chaos, congestion, streets with no way out and cab shortage. This is whatParis turns into on the day of the Chanel défilé. A few thousands of privileged people who will attend the show of the season and, in addition, a few other thousands of nosy gapers throng in as early as the day breaks.

But this perfect Babel has, however, a charm of its own which is paid off through unforgettable looks which will travel around the world in the fashion magazines, because only twice a year (and, at times, in the couture season as well), le Grand Palais offers itself to be the setting of the one and only world’s fashion spectacle.

Flashlights coming from every angle, discreet fragrances, starch hairdos and heels as high as the Tour Eiffel nervously piercing the entrance asphalt, all these work together to beget a composition hard to banish from one’s thoughts. Not to mention that the actual défilé hasn’t begun yet.

In any event, if all the guests attending the Chanel presentation donated their exclusivist outfits worn for exhibition purposes before and after the show, I’d bet that the food shortage difficulties faced by a third world country would be solved for more than one decade. For all this, Chanel is and will be the most wanted runway event of the Paris Fashion Week.


Susan Tabak

Tim Blanks