May 30, 2013

Chanel, The Most Popular High Fashion Brand On Pinterest


It’s a well-known fact within the fashion industry that Chanel, one of the most powerful brands of the moment, adamantly refuses to sell its products online. The reason behind this is a pretty smart one, mirroring the house’s tradition of treating its clients to nothing but absolute perfection – the house of Chanel is well-known for its immaculate customer service, tending to its clients’ every need from the first step they take into the store. The Chanel staff is always on hand to help you try on and feel each piece of clothing as it envelops your body, offering tailoring services to ensure that you go home with the best of the best – clothes that fit you like a glove.

In spite of the fact that for now, not one 2.55 purse or bouclé jacket will reach its future owner via a few mouse clicks, Chanel is highly present on the Internet. Recently, a study conducted by Pivot Conferences and analytic firm Curalate, has positioned Chanel in the top spot of a Top 10 Most Popular High Fashion Brands on Pinterest list.

Even if Chanel doesn’t have a Pinterest account, fans of the label generate about 400 pins and 3,600 re-pins of the brand’s products on a daily basis. Among the sources cited for the images are,, as well as the popular Youtube channel.

Photo-sharing website Pinterest, which allows users to create boards reflecting their interests and hobbies, pinning images form the Internet or re-pinning photos from other users’ boards, as well as communicating their preferences via social media such as Facebook or Twitter, has become in recent years, an important publicity platform for brands and retailers. A study conducted by the Wayfair company last year, has shown that Internet users are more likely to purchase a product that they’ve found on Pinterest, rather than on Facebook or Twitter.


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